Faith-Based Leaders

Faith-Based Leaders

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Want to coach? We train men and women in our Turn the Page coaching system. This equips you to effectively coach people toward authentic success and discovery of their purpose through Christ.

Turn the Page: Unlocking the Story Within You

Your life is telling a story. Is it telling the story you want? It can! By applying five transformational elements – you can become the person you were born to be, experience richer relationships, exchange restlessness for joy, gain confidence in God’s love for you, resist people-pleasing, and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with Jesus.

Managing the Speed of Your Soul

The unspoken abuse in today’s world is soul abuse. Men and women cannot maintain their effectiveness if they fail to attend to the health of their soul. Identify the signs of a disordered soul and discover the essential habits for burning on without burning out.

Taking Your Life from Good to Great Spiritually

A flourishing spiritual life does not occur automatically; it happens intentionally. Learn the power of abiding and how a Christ-centered life fosters deep joy and fulfillment.

(For Singles) Building Lasting Relationships

Using the metaphor of a house, Johnny and his wife, Lezlyn share biblical principles for building your life and dating relationship on a rock-solid foundation.

(For Women) Esther’s Secrets: Changing Your Man Without Him Knowing What Happened

Ladies, do you want to learn the secrets to seize your man’s heart? In this seminar, you will learn a powerful, life-changing strategy for changing your man without him even knowing what happened!

(For Men) Become the Husband Your Wife Loves to R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Men, are you ready to learn the keys to captivating your woman’s heart? In this seminar, you will discover four keys that unlock a woman’s soul and makes her call you “Hercules”.

(For Men) Quarterbacking Your Home Team

As a father, husband, and leader, Johnny understands the challenges men face to lead and love well. In this seminar, Johnny shares his failures and successes in being a father and husband. You will discover how to be the dad your kids need you to be and the husband your wife deeply desires.

(For Men) Building A Powerful Men’s Ministry

Since 2009, I have had the privilege of leading the men’s ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden. God has grown the ministry from one hundred to over 500 men. How? What was our part? Discover three essentials for attracting men and growing your ministry to men.

Your Attitude: A Fragrance or an Odor

Which one are you? Discover the five powerful scents for attracting success at work, home & in relationships.

“Johnny´s messages are easy to understand, yet profound! He is a breath of fresh air and can use simple stories to uncover deeper insights into how much God loves us. ” – Susan Alexander Yates, Author of And Then I Had Kids