Leaders and Professional Athletes

Leaders and Professional Athletes

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Leaders and Professional Athletes
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Turn the Page: Unlocking the Leader Within You

Your leadership is telling a story. Is it telling the story you want? It can! By applying five transformational elements – you can become the leader you desire to be and the leader people are eager to follow.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Over 90 percent of your success is based on emotional intelligence. Learn the four components of emotional intelligence which can significantly increase your effectiveness and your team’s productivity.

How Leaders Manage the Speed of their Soul

Today’s leaders cannot maintain their effectiveness if they fail to maintain themselves. Discover the keys for burning on without burning out.

Exceptional Leadership

Exceptional leaders do the common things in an uncommon way. Followers are inclined to trust and embrace leaders who are open to listening and demonstrating genuine care. Johnny reveals how to infuse an exceptional attitude into your leadership style. This message is available in a seminar format or one-to-one coaching. You will learn how to:

  • Create an environment that fosters exploration, risk taking, and sharing of ideas.
  • Inspire people toward feelings of significance, community, and excitement.
  • Provide the support that enables followers to be successful.
  • Promote collaboration and encourage a diversity of perspectives.
Take Your Team from Good to Great

Great teams do not form automatically. They are built when employees intentionally share the same goals. In a global marketplace, organizations who harness the power of teams develop a competitive edge. Johnny can show your company how to build teams that are unified in their mission. Through this training, you and your team will:

  • Become focused through core values.
  • Develop an inspiring vision and mission plan.
  • Work through conflict with confidence.
  • Cultivate relationships that foster trust.
Dealing with Difficult People

Wouldn’t work be great without irritating co-workers? It’s hard to feel effective around “sandpaper” people who rub you the wrong way. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy your work, even around abrasive individuals. In this seminar, Johnny provides the answers you need to:

  • Stay focused on your tasks around unpleasant co-workers.
  • Maintain a positive attitude during projects and deadlines.
  • Learn effective ways to communicate with difficult people.
Maximize Your Life at Work & Home

Does balance between your work and home life seem impossible? Is it difficult to leave concerns at the office and concentrate on your kids? As a father, husband, and business professional, Johnny understands the juggling act that many of us face. In this seminar, he shares the secret to relief by integrating all of who you are. You will learn how to:

  • Be “in the moment” during important family times or business meetings.
  • Deepen your inner joy and creativity through moments of reflection and renewal.
  • Avoid burnout and develop mutual satisfaction from your work and home life.

“The Turn the Page workshop by Johnny Parker was one of the best, speak-to-the-heart, talks I have heard in some time.  I have heard thousands of talks in my 67 years, and generally do not find too many that are both really informative and inspiring.  This workshop was both.  I thought the 5 Elements of a Good Story were so outstanding that I immediately sent my detailed summary of these elements to my son because they neatly and powerfully summarize what any person seeking a life of real meaning and purpose should strive for.” – Dr. Robert Hamrin, President, Great Dads