About The Parkers


As an executive coach and relationship architect, Dr. Johnny Parker helps men and women achieve success by viewing their lives as a story. Through his “Turn the Page” system, CEOs, pro athletes, coaches, and other high-impact men and women have gained high-definition clarity and discovered the story they were born to live. Johnny is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University where he teaches Introduction to Positive Psychology, an evidence-based approach that focuses on conditions leading to happiness and flourishing. Recognizing that families and organizations share similar relational dynamics, Johnny uses his clinical background and research in positive psychology to help people revolutionize their relationships, work and lives. His work on developing healthy, fulfilling lives and strong relationships has been featured on CNN International and national media outlets. In May, 2008, Johnny was a part of a select group of marriage educators and researchers invited to the White House to discuss ways to strengthen marriages in America. He has authored several books, including Turn the Page: Unlocking the Story Within You, Exceptional Living: 31 Exercises for Enriching Your Life, Work and Relationships, Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room and Faith Like a Child. Johnny earned a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He and his bride, Lezlyn, reside outside Washington, D.C., and love hanging out with their three sons, JP, Jordan and Joel and their energetic Cocker Spaniel, Jay-Jay.


Author, speaker and certified life coach, Lezlyn Parker is a relationship architect who works alongside her husband to help couples build marriages that flourish. For the past 10 years, Lezlyn and Johnny have been featured speakers for Family Life’s “Weekend to Remember” marriage conference. An elementary school teacher, Lezlyn is a former Mary Kay Consultant and coaches women on cultivating their inner and outer beauty. She is a contributing author of the book, Girl, Get Your Fight Back. She regularly works with women to help them find their voice and get back in ring of life when they have counted out. Lezlyn has a B.A. in Education from Liberty University. She and Johnny reside outside Washington, D.C., and love hanging out with their three sons, JP, Jordan and Joel and their energetic Cocker Spaniel, Jay-Jay.
The Parker Group, LLC is a leading consulting firm that specializes in executive coaching and leadership and relationship development.Founded by Dr. Johnny and Lezlyn Parker, the company offers its signature professional and personal development system called “Turn the Page,” which has been used by countless men and women to strengthen their leadership abilities, relationships and spirituality.Whether it’s building leaders, great workplace teams or a dynamic marriage, The Parker Group enables people to:

  • Grow in awareness of their personal/professional story and why they do what they do.
  • Develop trust through emotional and relational intelligence.
  • Build relational environments to overcome fear.
  • Create a healthy culture where people treat one another and customers with a sacred mindset.
  • Apply the power of storytelling as a strategic business tool and increase performance and productivity.
  • Gain confidence to have compassionate, courageous conversations and deal with difficult people.
  • Inspire action as they gain high-definition clarity germane to who they are, what they want and why it matters to them and their business.
  • Learn the skills for flourishing in their relationships at home while winning at work.
  • Experience fun, wellness on the job, and avoid burnout.

The Parker Group has been known to work with professional athletes (NFL, NBA, PGA, WNBA) to cultivate healthy lives and relationships. They have served as life coaches (chaplains) of the Washington Redskins and Washington Mystics.

The Turn the Page approach has also enhanced organizations such as AOL, Chick-fil-A, Colonial Parking, Department of Homeland Security, Fannie Mae, Mary Kay, Signature Flight Support, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, Tuskegee Airmen, the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force.