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Diversity and inclusion begins with your heart and your story.

Diversity and inclusion
Lead Story: Diversity and inclusion starts in the heart and practiced at home. The essence of diversity and inclusion is the heart of a leader. It is the courageous leader who assumes fearless ownership of their challenges, biases and strengths. It is the generous leader who understands the highest level of love and leadership is leaving others bet...
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You lose it if you don’t use it

You lose it if you don’t use it
Breaking Story: You are fearfully & wonderfully made with a unique gift to serve the world. Developing Story: I miss playing racquetball. I even won the championship in college. In cleaning my garage I came across my old gear that hasn't been used in years. As you can see my sneaker rotted and tore in half. This sneaker was designed for racquet...
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85% of Job Success comes from well developed soft skills and people skills

85% of Job Success
In my Turn the Page book I use the metaphor of theater to illustrate this point. Frontstage (technical) ) and Backstage (behavioral) Great leadership begins Backstage and shapes/sustains Frontstage performance. Backstage 85% Frontstage 15% Frontstage matters. Backstage matters more.

Creating a Safe Space for Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations
Breaking Story: Write your story. Getting better starts with me/you. A better life, better wellness, better leadership, better family, better team, better organization, better community, better relationships, better nation starts with me/you. Developing Story: In a chapter of pandemic, protests, politics, vitriol, cancel culture and shame - very fe...
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