Courageous Conversations

Breaking Story: Write your story. Getting better starts with me/you. A better life, better wellness, better leadership, better family, better team, better organization, better community, better relationships, better nation starts with me/you.

Developing Story: In a chapter of pandemic, protests, politics, vitriol, cancel culture and shame - very few people seem to be listening to each other. It is becoming easier to disagree and demonize each other. It takes courage to disagree yet honor a person's humanity. This pressure-tense moment is an opportunity to gain HD clarity on your core values and that of your organization.

Point of the Story: It takes a healthy ME to build a strong WE. Look in the mirror and boldly ask yourself these five courageous questions.

1. Who am I? (Identity)

2. What do I really believe? (Values)

3. What in my life will I fearlessly own? (Bravery)

4. What are my intentions today? (Motives)

5. How will I show up and who will I leave better off today? (Love)

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