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Diversity and inclusion begins with your heart and your story.

Diversity and inclusion

Lead Story: Diversity and inclusion starts in the heart and practiced at home.

The essence of diversity and inclusion is the heart of a leader.

It is the courageous leader who assumes fearless ownership of their challenges, biases and strengths.

It is the generous leader who understands the highest level of love and leadership is leaving others better off than how you found them. It is the intentional leader who decides each day who they want to become and the story they want their life to tell at work and home.

Point of the Story: Diversity and inclusion begins with your heart and your story. How you show up affects your relationships, your career and your legacy.

Developing Story: Who are you becoming as it relates to diversity and inclusion? What level of honor do you serve your family and co-workers who are different from you? What is your commitment to celebrate their unique voice?

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