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Discover how to manage and serve people by first knowing who you are as a leader.
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Every day your life is telling a story. In your family, finances, fitness and career a story is being told. Is your life telling the story you want it to tell? It can! In the new “Page Turners” Online Group Coaching with Dr. Johnny Parker.

You will receive benefits such as:

  • Participating in weekly group coaching (Zoom) and get your questions answered by Dr. Parker.
  • Gaining confidence to write your life as a story.
  • Discovering clarity regarding your calling, branding and purpose.
  • Developing the skills to build positive relationships.
  • Moving from life-work balance to life-work blending.
  • Practicing self-care habits that help you burn on and not out.
  • Collaborating and networking with other Page Turners in a private Face Book Group.
  • Enjoying monthly positive short videos that apply timeless principles and scientifically-based research for growing your success.

“If You Don’t Know Your Story, Life Will Write One For You.”

Your story matters. Learn how you can take the lead and turn the page on your life's story.

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  If You Don’t Know Your Story, Life Will Write One For You.  

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